In the near future WordPress version 5 is going to come out, and with it the promise of Gutenberg, the new editor which takes what we know as “WordPress” today, and throws it out the window. It is not a bad thing, and the shift forward could mean so many positive things for WordPress as a platform moving forward. There are many people who talk about it and its downfalls, but lets keep positive. One thing that is SUEPR POSITIVE about Gutenberg, is how much you are going to make in the next few years because of it. A new way to edit content Gutenberg is a new editor, that is going to fundamentally change how we think about content creation within WordPress. Gone are the days of free style text editor and shortcodes, and in is the new wave of blocks. Now to a content creator a block may be confusing, but to a developer, this new system is going to redefine how websites are coded in a good way. Once content creators catch on, I think Gutenberg will be a great addition to WordPress and for any company’s content creation team. It allows flexibility and close to page builder type control per post, very flexible, and allowing for a lot of customization per post. This kind
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