When you are looking to hire a a consultant to build you a WordPress business website, you may get suggested to build the site in “phases”. Is this a real thing? Or is this just a trick for a consultant to do less work for the same amount of money? Building in Phases is Good for Business We are big fans of building business websites in phases. It is important to understand that our approach focuses on your business objectives and goals. We don’t want to build you a website that you can’t afford to market, or one that will just hurt your business. We know before you contact us you have already done some research on what your business “needs” in a website. You want to have your customers do certain things with your website that your current website (if your business has one) doesn’t allow them to do. Whether it be logging in to view invoices, pay their invoices, or even just have an area that is for customers only to view certain products. Phase I – The Minimally Viable Product (MVP) When it comes to phased approaches, we liked to call “Phase I” the MVP, or the most minimally viable product. This is the product (website) that
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