Is your WooCommerce checkout working? If you’re not sure or you neglect to test it, you’ve got a problem. For many developers and shop owners, checkout failure is a constant anxiety, especially after WordPress core and plugin updates. Why? Because when your checkout isn’t working, it means two very important things: You’re losing sales – and throwing away money You’re losing face – a broken website is a bad look for customers These reasons are why testing is so crucial. To quote Chris Lema, whose words were recently highlighted at WooConf: “Don’t use hope as a strategy. Test everything.” There’s a lot of truth to Chris’s comments. Testing is one of those really important things that developers and store owners know they should do, but often don’t do because it’s boring, time-consuming and costly to maintain. But as Brian Richards, the creator of WPSessions, also said at WooConf: “Mistakes burn money. Testing prevents mistakes. So if you hate burning money, you should love testing things.” Okay, so hopefully I’ve convinced you of the importance of testing your checkout. The only problem?
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