This evening Matt Mullenweg, Founder, and CEO of Automattic, Inc, attended the Orlando WordPress Meetup this evening to do an open floor Q&A much like a TownHall meeting. There was a lot of discussion about various topics, however, the center of it very much revolved around the new Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 Release. The audience engaging in questions consisted of users, developers, agency owners, and the like so the questions were from various angles. The following is a general recap of the questions that were asked throughout the meeting. Gutenberg & WordPress 5.0 How should Agency Owners prepare for the Future Update? There are a lot of agencies worried about what will happen to their client’s sites with this next major update rolling out. It was nice to hear from Matt that they have created a Classic Editor Plugin that will allow you to temporarily “Opt-Out” of the new Gutenberg interface. The Classic Editor plugin will allow all non-Gutenberg updates to remain in place after the update to 5.0 but will turn off solely the Gutenberg functionality. This will allow for the time to properly test plugin compatibility, complete the learning curve and review help
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