This success story will focus on Sven Lehnert’s amazing entrepreneurial journey. Sven is a developer and a businessman from Germany who most famously created BuddyForms. He’s also the CEO at ThemeKraft, which partnered with Freemius to monetize all of their WordPress products. Sven, thanks for agreeing to tell us your story! Can you give us a quick overview of yourself: where are you based, and how did you get started as an entrepreneur? I’m actually from Germany Düsseldorf but live in La Gomera at the moment. I’m a father of two children and the CEO of ThemeKraft. I’m a project driven person and have always more ideas than time. I became a full-time entrepreneur back in 2008 when I decided to create a startup with 3 other people. When was your first encounter with WordPress and what’s the impression it had left on you? My WordPress journey started actually with BuddyPress. I learned about WordPress while searching for a social network solution. Back in 2006, I built a niche community for an internet radio targeting the subculture in my town. We used BuddyPress for radio listings, shows listings, radio moderator, and user profiles. It was a great
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