There are many, many reasons why you should have a business website. Yet no matter how long we’ve been doing this, we get the same responses from business owners left and right apposing just having a great website for their business. We don’t completely understand why a business wouldn’t want a website, or why a business thinks their circa 1999 website is doing them any justice. We’ve compiled a list of the top excuses we’ve heard in the past. Do any of these sound family, maybe something you’ve said to a website designers in the past? My business is all referral, I don’t need a website Congratulations on running a successful business without need for investment in marketing, or new clients. This is a great place to be in, and many business owners (myself included) wish that they can sustain their business (and grow) with just referrals. However, what happens when an existing client or referral goes to someone else and stops using your services? A simple business website is a billboard for your company, so it can be the catalyst to bringing on new long term customers. You also need to think about the future of your business. A 100% referral
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