Welcome to the 35th edition of the monthly transparency report (for December 2017). This series is where I try to share everything that’s going on in our business behind the scenes (at least the most interesting stuff) plus some of my personal thoughts and learnings. Click here to see the previous reports. Despite being a shorter month, we still had quite a few things happen in December. Here’s a rundown through everything, plus my review of 2017 and the plans moving forward: Getting new side projects off the ground We launched two small side projects last month, with one more in the pipeline. The main goal is the same as ever – to experiment and learn. We basically want to test out other types of content and see how they can work within our existing offerings. Starting with: (1) Our free icon pack – now available to download We now have our own free icon pack – available at ThemeIsle! We’re taking things slowly, releasing just 100 icons for now. Since the pack is not that huge, we were able spend more time on making sure that the icons are of really high quality. The pack is completely free. The icons come in different formats: AI, Sketch, PNG, and
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