The past year has been fantastic both from a personal and business perspective. A new year approaches and to summarize the year in terms of WordPress themes, I asked a lot of well-known WordPress theme companies which their most popular and best selling WordPress themes were 2017. You probably recognize many of the company names in the article, as they represent trust and quality when it comes to WordPress themes. Perhaps you have bought themes from them? Unless I recommend you take a closer look at their awesome and best selling WordPress themes 2017. Let’s have a look at what are the best selling WordPress themes 2017, Shall we? I asked 28 leading WordPress Theme companies two questions. Question 1. What is your best selling WordPress Theme 2017? Question 2. Why do you think your best selling WordPress theme is so popular? What Are the Best Selling WordPress Themes 2017? Here are the answers from 28 leading WordPress theme companies. aThemes Q1. Sydney Pro is a business WordPress theme that allows anyone to quickly and easily create an effective online presence. It gives you the power to customize your website the way you want to via a number of page templates, Customizer options,
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