This release iterates further on some design and writing flow details — lighter up/down movers, engaging the UI-less focus mode more often, etc. It also brings many extensibility API improvements, exposing internal editor state through selectors, enhancements to the meta-box handling, and implements the "Copy All" button as if it was a plugin as an example of how to leverage native hooks. 2.1 Iterate on the design of up/down arrows and how focus is managed. This seeks to further reduce the visual and cognitive weight of the up/down movers. Show immediate visual feedback when dragging and dropping images into the editor. (Expands on the previous release work.) Expose state through data module using selectors. This is an important piece of the extensibility puzzle. New button outline and focus styles. Show original block icon after converting to reusable block. Also hides the generic reusable block from inserters. This moves data logic out of the inserter. Introduce a migration function for block versioning. Add HTML handler to dropzone. Allows drag and dropping images from other web pages directly. Trigger typing mode when ENTER or BACKSPACE are pressed. This improves
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