2018 will be a big year for WordPress. Here's my list of top topics and people to be following in 2018 to stay in the know and some of the most influential things happening in WordPress this year. You might see a lot of lists like this cropping up at the beginning of every new year. A list of “WordPress celebrities” that you should follow. Often, articles like this are just long lists of twitter profiles that are reshuffled and recycled year over year. Why should you follow these people? No one knows! They’re just the people to follow. This is not one of those lists. This is my list. These are things and people that I’m personally interested in. This is a list of topics that I believe will be extremely influential in the WordPress space in 2018. Within each topic, I list the people and/or companies that I believe will have strong contributions to that topic. In my WordCamp and conference travels and daily conversations with WordPress professionals, these are the folks that come up again and again as doing awesome work worth following. So if you’re interested in WordPress like I am, here’s who to follow and why you should in 2018. Gutenberg By every
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