A lot of small business owners think that building a business website is the end of our story together. However the Internet is not the field of dreams, and software is constantly evolving. So we get the question a lot when offering our small business bundle to a new client, Why do we even need business website maintenance? Business Website Security One of the most important things you can do for your business is to have an identity, and to hold onto that identity without letting someone else tarnish it. That isn’t a website or Internet thing, that is just business reputation. You want to make sure that your are appealing to your clients with your image and that image does not change unless you need it to. The problem is that the Internet is unfortunately a place where many hackers and other things (like bots) thrive, and they don’t care about your brand identity. Part of any good website maintenance plan whether through us or someone like WP Site Care is that security of your site is top priority. While hacks occur from time to time, it is about making sure it is not easy to hack into your business website, and that when it does happen, it is fixed as soon as possible.
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