When you are a freelancer or consultant building anything form WordPress themes to enterprise applications, a Scope of Work (SOW) is going to be your best friend in order to keep “scope creep” to a minimum. What is a Scope of Work? First lets start with the basics, what is a scope of work? A Scope of work is simply put a document that explains everything you will be working on during that project. A scope of work can include many things, besides the basics of what you are going to deliver, it may also include communication schedule (meetings), timelines, and even other practices you may have as a business. To me, a scope of work is the bare bones contract, it states what I will be providing in my time and as a deliverable. I will also include a rough timeline based on an assumed start date, as well as any software I know I will need to use for the project. Why create a Scope of Work? SOW’s are by far the easiest way to convey to a client what you are going to be delivering as part of your service. For example if I am tasked to build a theme with a certain piece of functionality, I will make sure that every piece of functionality requested is documented in the SOW so
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