It’s not uncommon for me to be asked why you shouldn’t just write your own form, without a plugin using PHP and JavaScript code to add a form to your WordPress site. This is one of the things that happens since I create a WordPress form builder plugin for a living, all totally normal. Also, it’s a totally reasonable question and I’m a nerd, so let’s do this. Technically speaking, to process a form you need an HTML form — something you can write in your page template and an endpoint to process the form request and WordPress provides a lot of options for creating custom endpoints on a site. Here is a nice long article I wrote about four of those options. But don’t. Making a WordPress contact form without a plugin is, most of the time, not worth it. Look — I’m the guy who makes a form builder plugin so I have a bit of an interest in people using a WordPress form builder. But, I also spent the last few years obsessing over a web form that creates other web forms. This is something I’ve thought a lot about. Probably thought too much about. Faster to Prototype & Faster to Finished Product A form, no matter how you build it, is
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