This article is a part of series of articles about Gutenberg development for WordPress developers. Back in the day when Custom Post types had just been merged in core, in WordPress 3.0, I used to think about how innovative the WordPress 5.0 release would be. Not long ago, I started calling it the Next WordPress. Well, fast-forward to 2018 and we have an expected date of release for WordPress 5.0. In the State of The Word, 2017, Matt Mullenweg announced the focus of next year’s WordPress development, the Gutenberg project. Gutenberg is the new and exciting project set to join WordPress Core that is going to help people write content, build websites, and design them in a better way. In this series, I’ll walk you through an introduction to developing blocks for Gutenberg. Gutenberg At the time of writing, Gutenberg exists in two forms: Gutenberg GitHub Repo — A place for developers to develop, report issues, create pull requests, and even improve the documentation. Gutenberg WordPress Plugin — A Gutenberg WordPress plugin for you to start using or testing the project. Gutenberg is supposed to be merged with the WordPress core in the WordPress 5.0, approx. April
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