Back in November 2017, the team behind Tailor Page Builder made the hard decision to bow out of the page builder market because of, in part, the incoming WordPress Gutenberg editor. Will other companies soon be following suit? Does Gutenberg signal the end of WordPress page builders? Well – spoiler alert – I don’t think so. At least not anytime in the foreseeable future. But I do think Gutenberg will bring some changes to the page builder and theme builder industry. In this post, I’ll lay out my reasoning and then we can, hopefully, dig into things even more in the comments section. Gutenberg Is Not A Replacement For A Page Builder… At least not yet… That’s a pretty big caveat, I know. But in its current iteration, Gutenberg just isn’t even close to a 1:1 replacement for a WordPress page builder. Page builder companies should probably be sweating the vision for eventually making Gutenberg into a tool that can “go beyond the post into page templates and ultimately, full site customization.” But right now, Gutenberg doesn’t even have drag and drop or columns. So even if you ignore all of the other page builder features
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