In this research we’ll describe all the available integration methods for WooCommerce and QuickBooks and analyse them in detail.Plus, we’ll compare some popular solutions so that you can choose what’s the best option for your business. To start with let’s clarify what QuickBooks is and what problems it solves. About QuickBooks QuickBooks is an accounting software package. It’s used for small and midsize businesses and it helps to manage taxes and invoices thus giving you a comprehensive view of your company’s financial situation. You can analyze sales and expenses, view profit & loss reports, do inventory and payroll, track unpaid bills, etc.QuickBooks is linked to thousands of accounts including your bank accounts and credit cards, PayPal and Square downloading all information to its own database and this way simplifying taxation. Plus, the software tracks your expenses and allows you to upload photos of your bills from the phone. QuickBooks Online is cloud computing. You’ll get access to QuickBooks on your smartphone or tablet after you’ve downloaded its application or used the Web interface. The cost of this service varies from
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