I think most developers would agree that WP-CLI (the self-described “command-line interface for WordPress”) is the best thing to happen to WordPress since my-hacks.php. It is my favorite way to use WP Migrate DB Pro, set up new WordPress sites, control WordPress with CRON, manage plugins, quickly test code, and a whole host of other tasks that are quicker and easier to complete via the CLI or a shell script. “What,” you might ask, “could possibly be better than WP-CLI?”. “A lot of things…” I would reply, preparing to list off things like dogs cheeseburgers when a caterpillar builds its chrysalis on a broom that you left outside and you know that the next time you have to sweep there will be a beautiful, new monarch butterfly flitting around while you work puppies Bitcoin etc… But then I might catch myself and realize that your question was probably scoped to WordPress development and related tools so I would cough loudly and continue, “*cough* I mean… Packages… For WP-CLI. WP-CLI Packages” Free Shipping The WP-CLI package index is a goldmine of incredibly useful commands. Packages can be installed
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