Meet Yoda. He doesn’t seem to be phased by blogging crises. I betcha he worries not about the White Screen of Death. No way would he fret about spammers or scammers trying to flood his blog. Yoda the Thai French Bulldog plays a prominent role in today’s Facebook Broadcast. Sometimes it feels fun to break things up some for a playful interlude. We love learning blogging tips but enjoy some levity from a funny dog brimming with character. Watch the video: I ran into a mini crises when me and my wife arrived to Chiang Mai 3 days ago. Our Chromebooks could not catch the WiFi signal. After trouble shooting the problem for 30 minutes one of the homeowners tried turning off the battery that provides 24-7 power in case they cut electricity in this quiet Thai village, as they sometimes do. Problem solved. Crisis averted. But we all had to remain calm, pretty detached and overall chill to test a variety of solutions before finding the one that did the trick. How did we stay calm? We Cleared Fears I felt calm during the process, as did my wife. Even though a tiny fear or 2 arose concerning how we’d access the internet over this 7 week house sit I also chilled pretty quickly.
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