If you develop a WordPress product, there’s one thing you can never escape: Customer support. It might not always be fun. And sometimes it might feel like it’s not directly contributing to your bottom line. But… You have to do it. And because it’s something you have to do, you should always have your head on a swivel for ways to offer better support. What’s a better way to learn than to hear it straight from successful WordPress owners? To help you offer better support for your WordPress product, we reached out to 12 successful WordPress product owners and asked them about how to offer the best support possible for WordPress products. What 12 Successful WordPress Product Owners Say About Customer Support When deciding who to reach out to, we wanted to get a mix of product owners who make consumer-facing products, as well as product owners who target developers (of course, there’s often an overlap between those two categories). Here’s who we talked to: Billy Young – Beaver Builder Bryce Adams – Metorik A Trio Of Happiness Engineers – ThemeIsle Katie Keith – Barn2 Media Boaz Haimovits – Elementor Josh Kohlbach –
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