This past year was a rollercoaster of a ride. Some high highs and low lows. We added team members and had to let some go. We saw dips in revenue and surges. We made excellent progress developing some products while others struggled. Let’s get into it. Team Growth Probably the most difficult parts of the year have been grappling with decisions concerning the team. In fact, in just the first few weeks of 2017 I realized that the newest member of the team wasn’t meeting performance expectations. I realized that I had to fire him. Firing I’m still embarrassed and ashamed that I disrupted someone’s life as much as I did. He left a job to come work for us and I let him go after five months. That sucks. I should have done a better job vetting him. I think the main problem was that I had offloaded the vetting of trialees to the product teams but hadn’t given any one person the responsibility of making sure he was a fit. I also gave little to no guidance on how to vet a new developer. In January I hired James Kemp to do some development work on our site part-time. As I mentioned in last year’s review, the site redesign project had hardly
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