Last year, WordPress teased us with ‘a new way to WordPress’, also known as Gutenberg; a new editor due to replace the traditional publisher in Spring 2018. Gutenberg aims to revolutionise and demystify the way we publish content through WordPress, so that people of all technical abilities can build beautiful sites and blogs with ease. Gutenberg is currently available as a WordPress plugin, however, the new editor will replace the old one later this year. That’s why we’ve put together this handy introductory guide, to help you (and us!) get to know Gutenberg and its fantastic new features. Content blocks Current WordPress Editor New WordPress Editor – (Codename Gutenberg) Content blocks are one of the biggest changes introduced in the new Gutenberg editor, and they make editing and adding different mediums of content a whole lot easier! The image above shows the content split into 3 blocks, and each of these individual blocks can be formatted independently. For example, block 1 is in H2 formatting, block 2 is in bullet points and the text in block 3 is aligned to the right. As well as this, blocks can be copied, pasted, and moved around to different points
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