When I was introduced to the concept of Micro-Branding, I didn’t know what to expect. Here’s why I’m so glad we embraced it, and why I think you should too. My friend Bruce likes to say that the one element that has to link and unify every decision in your company; scaling, communications, operations, hiring, or otherwise… ..is your brand. I reached out to him last year when we ran into some internal challenges that I needed help overcoming. See, as our team had grown, I’d noticed we weren’t always all on the same page. Sure, we had a shared vision and mission but for the previous three years, we’d operated (and grown) without a defined set of core values or specific brand personality. The problem was, without these brand attributes to anchor our behaviors, I’d often seen each team member doing things their own way. Through no fault of their own, it was their personal core values that determined how they approached their work. And with different personal styles in the mix, as we got busier, I started seeing internal communication breakdowns and inconsistencies. Some of that can be handled through tightly defined processes, of course,
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