It’s just a matter of time when Gutenberg will hit WordPress Core. As days go by, we’re getting closer and closer to an eventual merge. So to get ahead of the game, my team and I took almost month studying Gutenberg, and ended up releasing a plugin called Stackable – Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks. Throughout our experience, what we found is that Gutenberg is quite awesome! Preamble On November last year, I wrote an article about a Page Builder Creator’s Opinion of Gutenberg, and posited that as a page builder creator, I should innovate hard in order to survive. When I wrote that article, we kept hearing that Gutenberg was the “future” of WordPress… but it was a bit uncertain on what Gutenberg really was and what it was going to be when it’s finished. Upon realizing that it was a page builder, I was doubtful that it would be a good fit in the WordPress Core. Now, four months after my post, Gutenberg has grown up a lot, and it has evolved into a page builder that is being developed at a very rapid pace. Since then, I’ve changed my stance on Gutenberg – I’m no longer hesitant about the thought of it, I’m now embracing
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