WordPress page builders have become wildly popular because they let anyone, even those without the gift of code, build a beautiful website or landing page. But have you ever wondered what’s going on underneath the hood? Are the finished products that page builders put out all the same when it comes to performance? It’s an important question to answer because how quickly your website loads is tied to its success. But unless you want to take the time to build identical landing pages with different page builders and test their performance, it’s hard to know for sure how each page builder stacks up. Well…I took the time. I built near-identical landing pages with five popular WordPress page builders and then ran them through a bevy of performance tests. Now, I’m going to share all of that data with you. Here’s How I’m Going To Test These 5 Page Builders To test each page builder’s performance, I’m going to build a landing page using each of the five page builders. I’ll base this roughly on the Pagely landing page, with a few elements added and removed. These landing pages will be, as much as possible, perfectly identical, though
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