An intimate business conference with the personal touches of Chris and Melissa Lema CaboPress is a yearly conference organized by Chris Lema and his lovely wife Melissa. It is always held in a five-star hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Have you ever thought… Can a business conference be both an intimate and professional at the same time? Well, CaboPress is exactly that. Last year for CaboPress 2017 both Tina, my partner in business and life, and I were blessed to be invited. There are usually about 60-70 people attending CaboPress and they are all either very successful in their business ventures or are just starting out with ideas that will disrupt the market. It is an invite-only conference and Chris personally approves each attendee in order to make sure that he has the brightest minds there. Even more importantly he wants to make sure that all people there will be a good match for each other. For example, Chris assigns the groups that will have to go to lunch together (every day). Besides having a good time together, they are also sharing their experiences and insights amongst each other and that means a lot. As this was the first year that both Tina and I were going to CaboPress
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