Felt it was fitting to share in a blog post why I think this episode is important and why I think you should listen to a recent episode titled Never Underestimate Your First Idea of the popular Masters of Scale podcast hosted by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman interviewed Blogger/Odeo/Twitter/Medium co-founder, Ev Williams. When two “masters of social networks” sit down to talk about scale and viability, I want to listen. I was maybe meant to listen to this episode because it sort of validates a few ideas that I have regarding online publishing and blogging and I hope to share with you these ideas in the near future. Here are some important reasons why WordPress visionaries should consider listening to this podcast episode: The origins of blogging and publishing content to the web including the backstory of blogger.com which essentially paved the way for modern social networks today including WordPress. Why being distracted in the business model that is en vogue that year is not always the best path How a hackathon turned Odeo into Twitter The original value proposition of LinkedIn Why feedback is really important part of the startup process Why publishing by yourself on a
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