Something new is about to arrive. In the coming weeks, we will gradually introduce Elementor 2.0. Each release will focus on solving a substantial WordPress pain - felt by users, yet never been dealt with before Finally, everything inside your WordPress website will be within reach. You’ll be able to visually & easily design it all the Elementor way: blocks, headers, footers, dynamic content, single posts, archive pages, search results pages, 404 pages, and more. Elementor launched 20 months ago, and in that time we established it as the number-1 solution for page building. Now, It’s time to go beyond the page level. I’d like to go over our upcoming roadmap, and describe just how impactful Elementor 2.0 is going to be on your workflow. As stated, Elementor 2.0 is deliberately not going to be launched all at once. Unveiling each new feature step by step will help you get used to them one at a time. This method allows us to simultaneously work on a number of features, releasing each one only after it has been fully tried, tested, and is ready to be delivered. This is an effective and more stable process, one that has served us well since launch. Next week, we will
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