The Call to Action (CTA) widget grabs your visitors’ attention and motivates them to interact and take action. Start by designing stylish box layouts that combine image, content and button. Then, bring those layouts to life with interactions and effects. Combine hover animations, overlay blend modes and advanced filters to create truly spectacular sections. The CTA box includes a Cover skin, which sets an image element as the background, arranging the content elements on top. Whether it’s for your homepage, features, about or portfolio page, you can make sure your site sets a lasting impression on your visitors. That extra layer of interaction will make your entire website look spectacular. Until now, reaching these effects required lots of custom CSS and coding. Now you can reach the same results in minutes. Looking for a way to showcase your projects, products or services? Look no further. This widget is perfect for bringing focus to your content. By adding a noticeable ribbon, you can make sure you draw the right attention at the point of sale to generate more conversions. With its advanced image & content customization options, there really is no limit to what you
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