In Elementor, we’ve always placed top priority on providing you with the most extensive typography flexibility, since typography plays such a key role in web design. Since day one, we offered visual control over typography settings such as font weight, line height, letter spacing and text decoration (recently added for version 1.9). Elementor also comes pre-built with 800+ different Google fonts to choose from. Sometimes, however, default Google fonts are simply not enough. Many web designers want to be able to create that extra branded and professional style, achieved only with custom fonts. Now, we bring you a new easy way to upload your own custom fonts. Simply upload your custom font formats, and see them instantly appear inside the widget typography settings. We’ve also added a seamless integration to Typekit fonts, letting you sync and use all your Typekit fonts with a simple click. #Elementor's New Custom Font Feature is FONT-ASTIC In order to get visitors to see custom fonts in your site, the fonts must be uploaded to your site as standard file formats. There are several such font formats, each offering support for different browsers. In Elementor, we’ve made
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