Recently Team Cloudways decided to go to the Facebook WordPress Community to discover their pain points and expectations for WordPress. Since we know that the time of the WordPressers is precious, we decided against taking the traditional route of floating a questionnaire to individual users. Instead, we opted to go to the two Facebook groups and directly connect to the WordPress users. To make things interesting we decided to offer a prize for the most insightful and interesting answers — $100 worth of Cloudways Hosting Credit. Anatomy of the Contest We started by shortlisting the most active Facebook Groups for WordPress users. Fortunately, the number of groups was sufficient enough to get some really good answers. In addition, we were hoping that since most of the WordPressers are active on Facebook, they would also like to participate in the contest. We were pleasantly surprised by the responses of Facebook Group admins. We contacted two groups (FreelancersTools and WordPress.) and they agreed to post questions and in fact, they were very helpful in advising us about the dynamics of their groups. Here is the question that we asked in FreelancersTools and WordPress. Being a
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