Join the GeoDirectory translation team to translate GeoDirectory into 20+ languages in 2018! Read on to learn about how you can join our awesome language team that translates GeoDirectory using our cool new Translator’s Handbook. Calling All GeoDirectory #polyglots ! Hello, my name is Ismi Aini, and I do UX including translations. I’m here to support members who want to translate GeoDirectory into their own language. I can help you find your translation team and get your request for validation filled out correctly. In this post I also want to introduce our new Translator’s Handbook where we keep all the resources you might need. Our goal is to help you translate GeoDirectory into 20+ languages this year! Who Translates GeoDirectory? Everyone! In 2017 WordPress translations changed completely. First there was a change to the location of translation files, and now the responsibility for who creates the translations has changed, too. Instead of plugin authors, it is now all of us, the plugin users and site managers and everyone together who are responsible for translating plugins into our own language. It’s a big job, but luckily both and AyeCode are
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