This article is a guest post from Cristian, developer and owner of Modula WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin and CPOThemes. If you’ve ever created a multilingual website, you know the pain of tracking down every single little string and making sure it’s properly translated. One of the reasons so many people are turning to Weglot is because it makes this process, well, a lot less painful. And that got us wondering – could we use Weglot to translate all the text from Modula, our very own WordPress image gallery plugin? Modula gives users an option to add plenty of non-standard text in the form of image titles, hover captions, and filterable categories, so we were interested if Weglot was up to the job of handling all these little details. Well – spoiler – it was. And in this post, we’re going to share exactly how you can create a multilingual WordPress image gallery using Weglot and Modula. Let’s get started! Step 1: Create Your Gallery With Modula Before you can translate a gallery, you need to actually…have a gallery. Thankfully, Modula makes that pretty easy. To get started, you head to Modula → Add Gallery. Then you: Give it a name
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