If you are a plugin developer, then you should know that the Plugin Directory had a recent policy change regarding the notice displayed for old / un-updated plugins. Instead of a time-based warning, it is now a version-based warning. Old WordPress Plugins WordPress Plugin Directory has several mechanisms to ensure compatibility with newer WordPress versions and to encourage developers to upgrade and maintain their plugins. Old plugins are excluded from search results — this way only plugins that have been updated recently get displayed and promoted in the Plugin Directory. In addition, when navigating directly to a plugin page, there is a notice saying that the plugin hasn’t been updated for a while and it may no longer be maintained or supported. This way the user can choose whether to use the plugin at his risk or try to find better alternatives. From a plugin developer’s point-of-view, the plugin needs to be maintained and updated constantly and regularly to be presented on the Plugin Directory. Otherwise, the plugin will be displayed with a warning and excluded from the search results. Policy Change — Time-Based Notice vs. Version-Based Notice In the old
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