Gutenberg, the new and modular editing experience for WordPress, has been in rapid development throughout the past year and will soon arrive to our WordPress installations. Gutenberg will be released along with WordPress 5.0 (which is the next major release), and although no official date has been set for that, it’s safe to assume that it’s not very far away especially judging by the remaining features for MVP completion. Gutenberg’s API and design patterns are at a stable enough stage where the time is ideal to discuss about the many technology decisions every WordPress developer will soon have to make, and perhaps pose some open questions up for debate. PHP vs JavaScript While WordPress is and will remain a PHP project, it goes without saying that JavaScript is going to have an equally important role when it comes to developing themes or plugins. Every “optimist” that hopes in relying on the Classic Editor compatibility plugin (and carrying on with business as usual) will eventually have to face the music; JavaScript is here to stay and it’ll be an extremely vital piece of the WordPress development puzzle. And it’s not like this came out of
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