Dealing with refunds for digital products in 2018 Dealing with refunds for digital products is a very delicate matter. When someone requests a refund there is a possibility for either party to feel as unsatisfied with the result. The vendor may feel the refund request is unjustified. The client could be unhappy if the vendor refuses to provide the refund. We have changed our refund policy several times and now we are convinced there is a right way to deal with refunds,and with this post we are sharing it with you. Do online vendors have the right to deny a refund? Not only do they have the right, (except in the UK under the Consumer Rights Act) but many others do not even provide refunds for digital products. This is because while digital products can be downloaded they cannot be returned like a physical product, and the same goes for any digital services offered. Try asking GoDaddy to refund you for a domain you forgot to cancel and you’ll see from their reply what I mean. Last time I tried to contact them concerning this issue they didn’t even reply. The iTunes App store sales policy clearly says that you cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase (but
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