WordPress 5.0 is coming soon and will usher in a new era of content editing in WordPress via the new block-based editor currently called Gutenberg. When it comes to a CMS like WordPress, change or evolution is necessary, and the editing experience, in particular, has not been seriously revamped in a very long time. There has been a lot of excitement about Gutenberg; which has been met with some skepticism and even fear as well. The developer community, in particular, has been very vocal about some of the ramifications that Gutenberg will bring into typical WordPress development. The Advanced WordPress Facebook group is happy to host a 4 part interview series focused on Gutenberg and its significance and what the future of WordPress development will be like after Gutenberg is merged into Core. We’ve asked 4 people are have been very involved in the development of Gutenberg — each from very different perspectives and parts of the world — to do an interview and AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Gutenberg throughout the month of February. This series will be live-streamed directly into the Advanced WordPress Facebook group. Each session will open with a 20-minute
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