Recently I wrote an article about Accessibility For Everyone. I mentioned that one important step is to listen to your site and strongly consider removing plugins that make your site inaccessible. This is one of many reasons you don’t need that plugin. I was raised in the military so we moved every 2-4 years. Part of moving in the military is a weight limit on the items you bring. Depending on where you are moving, it can be prohibitively expensive to go over the weight limit you’re given. I remember every move doing a huge clean out of all the stuff in storage and the yard sales that came with it. When you’re maintaining a WordPress site you also need to regularly evaluate and limit the number of plugins you add to your site. Over time you’re likely to try a plugin and leave it active, or a simple plugin that used to do just what you needed gets bloated with extra features. You may find that you have a ton of useless baggage on your site if you don’t regularly clean out the junk. How many are too many plugins? Use these points to figure that out. Performance Every plugin adds overhead. This is true of 100% of plugins. Even the “hello dolly”
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