Penni Stanton is one half of the two-woman website design and web marketing services company, Kabo Creative. Penni is a CIM qualified marketer turned website developer, who is just as happy manipulating CSS as she is writing conversion-based marketing content. If you design WordPress websites for a living, it is likely you are already including a list of ‘essentials’ such as security features, contact form plugins, Google Analytics integration and maybe even Google My Business set up. Do you currently include contact form conversion measurement as part of this new website process? If not, you really should. When working with clients who generate leads from their websites, be that a small B2C building services company or a larger B2B service provider, it is worth helping them to understand the value of their website. Delivering something that works well, is SEO friendly and properly branded is obviously important. But what about the long term? If you include form conversion measurement as standard, you can help your client to measure the value of their website from day one. That looks great for you, helps them improve their marketing and ultimately helps them to recommend
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