We’re happy to interview Primoz Cigler the CEO and co-founder of proteusthemes.com, a unique WordPress Theme shop, as part of our series on WordPress SaaS founders: Weglot SaaSy. Q#1: What is your background, what should our readers know about you? I’m Primoz, CEO, and co-founder of ProteusThemes – I like to think of us as a non-conventional WordPress theme shop. Most of the players in this space are one-man bands and a few bigger companies. Majority of the business until 2 years back was done through a single marketplace for selling and buying themes – ThemeForest. With the pricing changes and decreasing the quality standard in the marketplace, things started getting worse for us and many other authors. As a team of 6 people of that time, we decided it’s time to act, so in November 2016 we’ve opened our own theme shop which opened the whole new world of marketing opportunities and developing better and bigger solutions. Q#2: What’s your main activity within WordPress today? Our primary activity is still selling WordPress themes. But we’ve also launched some other side-products, the biggest one in the last year is ProteusPay, which is
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