Reading this article may save you a lot of time as exporting orders and customers is usually painful and confusing. Plus, in case you conduct it wrong you may lose your leads and money. So go on reading our useful WooCommerce Export Orders and Customers Guide and make sure you follow our instructions carefully and don’t forget to write a thank you comment to our blog post in the end. Product Exporting Preparation For the accurate product exporting make sure the following plugins are installed and activated: Product Exporting Guide 1. Open the WP All Export Pro page. 2. Choose a post type from the drop-down list. All your store users are considered to be buyers after they have made at least one order. So if you target all users of your online store, choose the item ‘User’. 3. This step is optional. After choosing the data for exporting, the plugin enables adding filters to remove the unnecessary information. For example, if you only need orders with the Complete status, do the following actions: Click the ‘Add Filtering Options’ block Choose the item ‘Order Status’ from the Element drop-down list, the item ‘Contains’ from the Role
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