You’ve decided to take the leap. You or your client is going to start an online business. You’ve chosen WooCommerce and WordPress to power your store. You’re planning to include a subscriptions component to sell more with less work. You’ve made some great decisions already, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! WooCommerce Subscriptions now powers recurring payments for more than 15,000 stores. Over the last five years, as part of the team developing the software, I’ve learned a lot about subscriptions from a technical perspective and want to share these lessons. Taking 10 minutes to read this article, then acting on its recommendations could give you a return of weeks and thousands of dollars in savings. I’m going to focus on three important areas: Choosing a host Choosing a payment gateway and extension Being discerning with code you run on your site Let’s first look at why this information matters. The greater responsibility required by open-source subscription software With WooCommerce Subscriptions, you have almost complete ownership and control over your billing. Recurring payments data is stored and executed from within
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