Follow along as we answer all your questions related to editing images in WordPress. We’ll show you how to crop a WordPress image, as well as scale, rotate, flip, restore, delete and replace one. You’ll also learn how to edit the thumbnail only, or edit the main image and leave the thumbnail untouched. And finally, we’ll cover common reasons why the WordPress edit image feature might not be working—and of course, show you how to fix them. Use the table of contents below to jump directly to that section. Replace an image (keep the same file name) 01Why Edit Images in WordPress? Let’s be honest. If you’re a graphic designer, professional photographer or even just an avid Photoshop user, you probably won’t spend much time editing images in WordPress. Using professional image editing software has a lot more benefits. However, a majority of WordPress users don’t have access to any special software, and just need to make a few minor adjustments to their images. The WordPress image editor is great because: it’s free it’s easy to use it doesn’t require any additional software it saves a copy of the original image you don’t
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