I’m giving a talk at WordCamp Miami 2018 this weekend called “Advanced Topics In Businessing.” It’s a cheeky name because it originally started out as a joke. Last year, at the inaugural WordCamp DC (which, by the way, was an excellent event and you should try to make this year if you are in the area), I attended Andrew Nacin’s talk Advanced Topics In WordPress. I sat with technology educator Zac Gordon and after Andrew’s talk, Zac asked me what I thought of him doing an “Advanced Topics In JavaScript” talk. I liked it. Then he says, “what if you did Advanced Topics In Businessing”? I laughed and told him that was silly. But then, he told me that he was going to buy businessing.business so that I couldn’t have it. I’m a competitive person and I love a silly challenge, so $6 later, I owned http://businessing.business. I first met Zac at WordCamp Miami 2017, so to continue the joke, I submitted “Advanced Topics In Businessing” as a talk abstract. Lo and behold, the organizers loved it, they spun an entire Micro MBA track, and now here we are. The lesson: never take yourself too seriously. I’m actually
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