“Deliver awesome customer support whatever it takes”. If your memory serves you right, you’ve read that sentence in one of our previous posts. Indeed, by early May 2017, Remy (Weglot’s co-founder and CTO), explained in a detailed article how crucial the customer experience is. At this time, the workload in terms of customer support and communication was very high. Weglot needed to have a dedicated team to handle customer support. That’s why recently graduated in political science and digital business, I left HighFive -an edutech startup I’ve co-created- to join the team as Head of Customer Success. From that moment, making sure Weglot customers get the best experience became my mission statement and a real challenge! Get focused on customer experience! Provide an awesome customer service is a full-fledged marketing leverage. Those interactions between our clients and us build valuable confidence. You can’t ignore the customer service value. It’s an essential building-block of any sustainable acquisition strategy or retention plan. Paying attention to the customer experience makes the difference. That’s why, since the beginning of
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