GeoDirectory V2 and Ninja Forms integration we decided to integrate GeoDirectory V2 with Ninja Forms, here’s why: While GeoDirectory V1 comes with a built in contact form, GeoDirectory V2 will not have one out of the box. We removed our contact form, because: It is limited. You can’t customize it easily. It doesn’t keep track of submissions (Lead Management). You could use it only once per listing page. In addition, if you wanted to add a general contact form to your directory website, you needed a 3rd party plugin, which would make its code redundant. If you install GeoDirectory V2 today and you add an email address to a listing, the email address will appear instead of the “Send Inquiry” link that used to be there on V1. However we added a section in the setup wizard to install Ninja Forms. Why Ninja Forms? We considered and tested only free plugins and it’s the one we liked the most. The free version does everything a directory owner may want. If he wants more than the average directory owner, there are plenty of premium extension to choose from. Ninja Forms is by far the most user friendly, intuitive and well coded of all the plugins that we tested.
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