In this tutorial, I’ll let you know how to easily show or hide WordPress Gutenberg Editor Blocks on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Every content writer focuses on their readers’ good “user experience”. One of the ways to ensure this is to have a very good page layout, especially on mobile devices. On most cases, mobile page layouts are very cluttered, especially when you have a lot of blocks to choose from. You can now easily have option to fix it and hide any block you want on mobile devices. With the new WordPress Gutenberg Editor, you can now manage every content better with the use of blocks. To improve block management, the only plugin you’ll be needing is Block Options, which is available for free on the plugin directory. One of the best Block Options’ features is the ability to show or hide specific blocks on mobile devices and desktops. Read on to know how easy it is to manage blocks per device. Here’s How to Hide WordPress Gutenberg Editor Blocks on Mobile Devices Just follow the few and simple steps below and you’ll be done in no time. Step 1 First, you need to install Block Options, a free WordPress plugin. It’s
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