If you’re starting a WordPress product business (selling plugins or themes), plan to do so, or already have it running, you might have experienced this feeling: running a sustainable and successful WP product business is overwhelmingly complicated. Well, while succeeding in the WordPress business is not an easy ride, it is certainly possible. As a developer, what you probably care about is coding and developing awesome features. You’re not keen on busting your brainpower worrying about all the tedious responsibilities that come with running a business. You are terrorized by the prospect of dealing with tax regulations, handling license keys bores you to death, monetization is a huge hassle and so on… You can always hire some specialist to help you out with this, however, it may require a substantial investment, which makes it not so affordable. There is an easy way to keep all of the above (and more) under control from one single place, rather than jumping around multiple platforms and management systems. But before we take a look at this all-inclusive solution – let’s address the biggest challenges a plugin/theme developer faces when getting products
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