Description Custom Notifications and Alerts without a hassle. Notify anyone about any action in your WordPress. With powerful Merge Tags, you can endlessly customize your messages. Set unlimited Notifications in your WordPress Admin via the beautiful and intuitive interface within 5 minutes. HOW DOES IT WORK The Notification plugin is built with three main components: Trigger – a WordPress action, ie. User registration or Post publication Notification – the thing which is being sent, ie. Email or Push Merge Tag – dynamic content, ie. {user_email} or {post_permalink} You can use them in any combination, adding as many Notifications as you want. They can be sent to multiple Recipients with the content you write. The process is simple: You select the Trigger Compose your message with Merge Tags Set Recipients Save the Notification From now on the Notification is working. Test it out and add more! PERFECT FOR DEVELOPERS The Notification plugin is easy to set in the WordPress Admin, but it’s even easier to extend with some sweet API. You can create your own Triggers with any WordPress action. If you do in your code do_action( 'my_plugin_doing_awesome_thing' ) you
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