Managed WordPress hosting is like a concierge service for your WordPress site, whereas regular shared hosting leaves much of the work to you when it comes to backups, WordPress optimization, and more. However… Shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting aren’t inherently different things When people talk about shared hosting, they’re usually using the phrase interchangeably with “generic cheap hosting.” But here’s the thing: You’ll actually find plenty of shared hosts offering a “managed platform” or “managed services”, and these hosts are often counted among the list of managed WordPress hosts. Shared hosting is just a type of hosting plan where your site “shares” resources with other sites on the same server. Managed WordPress hosting is a set of added services and performance tweaks that sits on top of regular hosting. That’s why you can have cheap shared managed WordPress hosting – like SiteGround at ~$4 per month – and expensive dedicated managed WordPress hosts – like Pagely starting at $499 per month. In fact, you’ll find managed WordPress hosts powered by all types of
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