As the importance of the web has grown over the past couple of decades, so have the responsibilities of web designers. It used to be that we had relatively little to worry about, save for making sure our creations looked good and worked properly. But those days appear to be just a distant memory. These days, it seems like our worry list has grown exponentially. From major software upgrades to privacy battles – we’re in the thick of it. While designers aren’t always directly involved in these issues, we certainly are affected by them in one way or another. Let’s take a look at the five biggest issues (in no particular order) that give us a case of the night sweats. 1. The WordPress Gutenberg Editor I’ve written extensively about Gutenberg, which is slated to be released as part of WordPress 5.0. It’s generated a lot of buzz and a whole lot of debate in the developer community. And with WordPress powering about 30% of all websites, it’s going to have an effect on a whole lot of website owners and web professionals. There is some understandable panic about what this completely new editing experience will do to existing websites. The paranoid thoughts
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